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Outsource development

Custom solutions

Development of custom solutions dedicated for your operating system platform (Windows, or Linux/Unix). We deliver high-performance desktop applications, system services, web services, dedicated databases, complex multi-tier architectures.

With the help of the PhD students in our team, we deliver advanced data mining solutions that utilize neural networks, support vector machines (SVM), fuzzy sets, rough sets, and other approaches. We develop software using C# .NET, C/C++, Java, Python, Assembler, with a number of technologies and frameworks.


Outsource development

Web solutions

Creating web applications and professional websites in all technologies currently popular on the market, including: PHP, JavaScript + jQuery, (X)HTML, CSS, HTML5, Wordpress, Java EE, ASP .NET MVC.

Additionally we deliver internet marketing services for websites (SEO: Search Engine Optimisation).


Outsource development

Mobile apps

We have experience in creating mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. We can deliver for the three platforms currently most popular on the market. We develop mobile applications in Java (for Android), in Objective C (for iOS platform), as well as in C++ and C# .NET Compact Framework.

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Our analysts and developers have a broad experience in engineering world-class IT solutions for web applications, desktop software and system services. We have strong background in Microsoft .NET technologies, Java, web technologies, rich client application technologies, database programming, and many others. Below you can find a list of our core technical skills.

- Desktop (Winforms, WPF + MVVM) and web (ASP .NET, ASP .NET MVC, AJAX) solutions

- Development of solutions based on Windows Azure, Office 365 solutions

- High responsiveness in mission critical and real time systems, multithreading expertise

- Experience with WPF, WCF, WF, .NET Remoting, ADO .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework

- Experience with COM Interop, PInvoke

- Experience with MS Build configuration and programming new tasks for MS Build, experience with MS Team Foundation Server (TFS), and Cruise Control .NET configuration to work with MS Build and SVN, experience with Style Cop and Fx Cop together with MS Build

- Using C/C++ for WinAPI programming, experience with Windows Sockets, Win32 assembly, knowledge on PE file format, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for applications

- Applications for Android platform using Java. Programming with the use of ASE (Android Scripting Environment) in scripting languages: Python and Perl. Programming in C++ (qT and NDK)

- Applications for iOS platform (iPhone and iPad devices) in Objective C

- Applications for Windows Mobile and Windows 8 for mobile devices; technologies: MS .NET Compact Framework

- Programming under MS Exchange Server 2007-2016, MS Exchange Online. Technologies: MS Exchange Web Services, MAPI32, MAPI33, Redemption, MS Exchange transport agents programming, ICS (Incremental Change Synchronization) expertise under MS Exchange Server.

- Programming services for MS Exchange messages comparison and classification on the fly (as the messages come into the system) using special optimized algorithms meant for e-mails comparison, calculating similarity of e-mails, headers and footers detection

- Programming under MS SQL Server: programming triggers and stored procedures, advance database searching and queries optimization (using Microsoft SQL profiler), MS SQL Server database partitioning, programming MS SQL Server notifications mechanisms. We have created our own solution for a real-time data synchronization between MS Exchange Server and MS SQL Server

- Programming with MS SQL Server full-text search mechanism, using Apache Lucene full-text search mechanism

- Programming Active Directory, dealing with Active Directory changes synchronization mechanisms, dealing with Active Directory data synchronization on the fly into MS SQL Server database, Active Directory notifications on changes made

- PhD students in our team capable for solving algorithmic problems, conducting research, and data analysis using professional academic approach

- Designing algorithms for machine learning: rules induction algorithms for industrial data (coal mines), data generators for rules induction using neural networks and support vector machines for analysis of industrial and financial data

- Designing algorithms for biogenom sequences comparison and analysis

- Works on compression algorithms, works on performance testing and tuning for encryption and decryption algorithms

- Works on steganography algorithms (created a configurable software capable of hiding files content inside images)

- Works with IaaS technology, experience with Amazon EC2

- Academic experience with virtualization techniques with XEN and KVM Eucalyptus Cloud Environment

- Academic experiments on load balancing in clouds and HPC (High Performance Clusters). Experiments on choosing proper communication pattern for clouds

- Experience with Windows Azure, PaaS and SaaS

- Creating graphical layout design for customer websites

- Using HTML5, (X)HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, CSS, PHP (together with frameworks: Symphony and Zend)

- Programming custom CMS solutions with PHP

- Creating solutions for with Joomla and WordPress platforms

- Programming Google Maps, works with data conversion to KML format and displaying different shapes in KML format

- Utilizing Google search API and Google Maps API together with PHP and AJAX for creating custom solutions

- Strong experience with SEO (Search Engine optimization) for search phrases given by the user; experience on Polish and Norwegian market

- Optimization based on registering customer website in online catalogues, writing promotional texts on forums and industry sites, keywords tuning, creating Google business card for the customer website

- Java SE

- Java EE, EJB, Struts, JSP, JSF, Hibernate

- Scripting languages: Perl, Python, Linux Bash

- Oracle RDBMS and advanced programming in PL/SQL

- DB2


- PostgreSQL


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Softcom Solutions Ltd.

"We have a very successful relationship with RSOFT Group. Their engineers have provided us with high quality analysis and software development services. Their team are highly skilled and show great commitment to the projects they are working-on, enabling us to offer excellent quality software solutions to our clients." (Ian Rawlings, Project Manager, Softcom Solutions).


"I am very satisfied about what we have done together with RSOFT Group. Their programming knowledge and experience was a great help for us and I'm looking forward to having a long and mutually beneficial cooperation in the future." (Wojciech Bartoszek, Owner of 4waySoftware).


wepacom - our partner in IT projects since 2013 - was founded in 2010 and is the consultancy for the start and the expansion of international business,startup consultancy, interims management and finding investors.

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